About us

About us

Ohio MMJ Card

As professionals in the mmj industry, in collaboration with professional medical practitioners, Ohio MMJ Card seeks to emphasize the quality of care for MMJ patients in Ohio. We are passionate about delivering medical card services that are optimized to prioritize the patient’s comfort. 

The registration and evaluation process of getting a mmj recommendation and card can be exerting for anyone in need of MMJ. As treatment for conditions like chronic pain, cancer, sclerosis, and epilepsy, among others, medical card  can be a life-changing prescription.

For a person living with any of these conditions, it is unfair and strenuous to go through long waits for an evaluation in a physical healthcare center. At Ohio mmj Card, we bring the evaluation to you! 

Our telemedicine platform is HIPAA-compliant so we can collect your information via a secure patient questionnaire. Our state-certified doctors are professional as they conduct virtual evaluations. Above all else, our processes are quick, simple, and ethical!

We provide a stress-free solution to get MMJ recommendations in Ohio. Our services are in accordance with the Ohio MMJ Control Program and other regulatory bodies in the state of Ohio.